Clubs as Hubs in the Wessex Area

Last updated: November 2020

Project Aim

(See detailed commentary below)

This project aims to increase the reach and strength of Amateur Radio as a hobby in the Wessex region[1], to strengthen participating clubs by making all of the aspects of the hobby accessible 24/7 using the principles of disintermediation, to widen the availability of training, and to broaden the offer by including allied hobbies in a largely rural area with only a few major population centres.  

Project Deliverables

  • To create a network of participating clubs in the Wessex area[2] in order to promote Amateur Radio over a wider area and a bigger scale than the reach of any one club, given the small club size and wide geographical spread in this region.
  • To strengthen those clubs through the sharing of ideas, training, resources, and energy within the network
  • To enable participating clubs to improve communication, 24/7 access, and resources to develop the many aspects of the hobby for identified audiences using contemporary internet-mediated networks.
  • To provide an alternatve route for individuals to gain training, experience, and participation with others in Amateur Radio
  • To provide easier access to training for all licence levels using the resources of the participants and the increased availability of online networks
  • To reach out to other related disciplines in order to share ideas, training, resources, and energy, widening the definition of Amateur Radio.
  • Thereby to enable participating clubs, as hubs in a strengthened network, to provide a much enhanced ‘Amateur Radio Offer’ to interested individuals.